le retour des 5es est prévu ce jeudi 26 mars à 11h30 ! impressions en anglais !

This morning, we were divided into groups to make a photo report with 12 pictures. We saw guards, and different rooms of the castle. We ate our packed lunches. This afternoon, we went shopping and we saw Eton College, prince william’s university. It was beautiful !" - charlotte H.

Les 5B et les 5C en direct de Windsor ! -  voir en grand cette image
Les 5B et les 5C en direct de Windsor !

"This morning, we went to the Queen’s Castle in Windsor. It was so beautiful and luxurious. We have never seen so much gold and we probably didn’t see all of the stuffs. We visited the state’s apartments of the queen but she wasn’t here but we saw the guards, they were very serious. This afternoon, we quickly visited Eton College, the university where Kate and William met before their wedding. Today was very impressive !« - Sarah and little Alwena. »Today we visited the Queen’s Castle in Windsor. It is beautiful and big. We discovered Eton College. The weather was sunny and we loved everything. « - Charline and Bleuenn »We woke up at 6:45am. We visited Windsor and we took pictures of the guards. Next, we went shopping and we took the bus to get to the ferry." - Eliott and Gaspard.